P a u l M. N i c h o l s o n

Permission Structures

June 1 - July 1, 2018 at RE:find Gallery on the Walk, Allentown PA

Caught at the Border, 2018

36 x 45 x 120" Cement board, found foliage, hardware, insect specimens collected by U.S. Customs and Border Protection [CBP], rope, screen, wood

I would like to thank Stacey Marmura for her contributions to this project

Permission Structures, 2018

46 x 74 x 16" Wood, roll out hobby turf/grass, monitor, 15 minute video
Video: rotating quotes excerpted from television, film, literature, comic and video game narratives, intercut with slow motion moving water.

Real Dreamcatcher, 2017

36 x 45 x 2" EEG cables, [photosensitive] animitronic chirping birds, hula hoop

Untitled Participation Trophies, 2018

49 x 27 x 8" wood, plastic army men, spray paint, cabinet hardware, plexi glass, led light strip

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