P a u l M. N i c h o l s o n

Meet Your Representatives

Iíve painted a series of portraits of elected officials and civic leaders from in and around
Brooklyn and Queens NY,using their own press release photo for reference. Each hand made
work is housed in its own unique gilt frame. With these works, I would like to organize a series
of art exhibitions in public spaces where community members and elected representatives will be
given a chance to interact and meet one another. Each leader portrayed will be given a personal
invitation to an opening reception and will be able to speak directly to the community. This
project is designed as a hybrid exercise, part civic dialog and part art exhibition to facilitate
dialog between these two unique community groups.

The event, "Meet Your Representatives" will include a custom built podium, correspondence
to and from the Representatives, and paintings depicting scenes of historic and cultural
significance from throughout the neighborhood.

Speaker's Podium [in the studio]

The Ridgewood Reservoir is a decommissioned 19th century reservoir that sits on the Brooklyn-Queens border. [in the studio]

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