P a u l M. N i c h o l s o n

Reminiscing Day

Reminiscing Day is a holiday, which I invented. Participants of Reminiscing Day
are invited to reconnect with an ex-love, or to rekindle a past romance. The holiday,
placed two weeks in advance of Valentine’s Day. Reminiscing, when practiced, may
disrupt or enhance this celebration, depending on your perspective.

This project uses the framework of a DIY "holiday", as a vessel to explore permission structures for combating social
taboos. A Permission structure is a term of art that's often used by political scientists and marketing strategists
to discuss how people use creative logic to say, do or believe something that ordinarily would otherwise contradict their
values. Famously, in 2013, President Obama used the term in a news conference, which former Obama aid Dan Pfeiffer
explained... "Sometimes there is an issue that seems intractable and in order to help someone find a path to your point
of view, you have to build in a process that helps them see your point of view more clearly"