Every February 1st is Reminiscing Day.

Reminiscing is when you contact a former love in hopes of rekindling the old flame. Reminiscing is not reserved for February 1, it happens every day all over the world so good luck, & don't forget to stay alert as someone may be trying to reminisce with you right now!


"People who choose to reactivate old love appear to be optimistic and action-oriented throughout their lives. They are, by definition, risk-takers. Romantic and poetic qualities seem to be long-established traits among those who pursue reunions. At the very least, they must no longer be afraid of the adventurous path of love." (Gabe, 1993)

Sep 1, 1993 Rekindling old flames is possible but emotionally intense; here's how to do it. By Grace Gabe | Psychology Today.

Catherine Shu in her article "Rekindling an Old Flame—or Not" from Psychology today provides a startling statistic which is that "62 percent of us would consider getting back together with a former flame".

"Despite the potential issues that could arise, rekindler romances have a high success rate. The Lost Love Project, a study out of California State University, surveyed over 1000 men and women who tried a reunion with an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend and found that 72 percent of couples who reunited after more than five years apart, entered into long-term relationships, with two-thirds resulting in marriage or engagement. Considering the high rate of divorce, it looks like these types of relationships stand a much better chance of working out" -Divine Caroline

5 Ways to Reminisce

  • Reconnect out of the blue, send them an enigmatic and apparently rushed text at the middle of the day "pls chk on princess kitty, I'll get the sawzall, see you at the thing SatRday?"

  • If you dont know where your former exboyfriend is, try to reconnect through a friend on a cool social networking site like fetlife or deviantArt rather than F-book or something even less savory like classmates, yuck!

  • Ask him out for casual drinks or her out for coffee; when you meet up keep it platonic'ish while you try to determine if they are seeing anyone. Talk with her for awhile and see how she responds to you.

  • Provide the unexpected, think about something very strange you could go do which will intrigue your date without giving up your clever plan. Ask an artist to go to a history museum, and musician to go to an art show, and a video game geek to go to see some real freaks on Coney Island. Get the drift? Novel situations are exciting and put you on neutral ground, you can shine in a new situation and it ensure they won't settle into old routines. This will also show your date your cultural appetite is alive and well. Remember a high quality date secretly wants you to culturally enrich them in some way and this is a great way to prove it.

  • When you get out on your re-date, have something going on in your life that is different from before like your new jet skis, a new recycling schedule at work is much less interesting.

  • Always practice safe sex when reminiscing!