P a u l M. N i c h o l s o n

Bite Sized works

Selected in progress works and other projects

Permission Structure [in progress] 2017-2018. Screen features rotating quotes from various media that are used to pursuade or change opinions in online group discussions.

Real Dream Catcher; EEG cables, photosensitive animitronic chirping birds, other materials 2017

Untitled Participation Trophies, 2018, probes the rewards, and costs, of military service through
memorialized scenes of trauma. Meticulously made trophies have gold toppers that employ variations
of the familiar plastic army men, affected by a range of lingering battle wounds. The installation
probes the failed promises of national service through small anti-monuments that are installed inside
a trophy case that evokes something in a VFW or high school. A trophy is a symbol of past success,
something we invest pride in that reflects one’s valor, but here it rings hollow. The viewer is led
to consider the domestic cost of war on our collective psyche [broadly], and the cost for individuals
[more specifically].

2018 in progress works from autobiographical mythologies